dong See Table at currency. - - dong 2 (dông, dng)n. Vulgar Slang A penis. - - dong n1.
Dong Hoi is located in Vietnam Dong Hoi Location in Vietnam Coordinates: 17°28′59″N 106°35′59″E / 17.48306°N 106.59972°E / 17.48306; 106.59972Coordinates: 17°28′59″N 106°35′59″E / 17.48306°N 106.59972°E / 17.48306; 106.
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Ethnic Dong women and man in holiday dresses. Liping County, Guizhou, China.
Dong was born in modern Hengshui, Hebei in 179 BCE. He entered the imperial service during the reign of Emperor Jing of Han and rose to high office under Emperor Wu of Han. His relationship with the emperor was uneasy though.
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Dong Lin = Dong LinNiet de Dong Lin die je zocht? Zoek verder »Dong Lin als vriend toevoegen|Stuur Dong Lin een bericht|De vrienden van Dong Lin bekijken Dit zijn een aantal vrienden van Dong Lin:
DONG'S was started in 1946 by Mable and Fong Dong and is currently owned and operated by their daughter and her husband.
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Pray for the Dong People of China General Information — Table of Contents — name | location | population | history | language | society religion | resources | education | economy | health | trends
Dong quai is a member of the celery family. Greenish-white flowers bloom from May to August, and the plant is typically found growing in damp mountain ravines, meadows, river banks, and coastal areas. The root is used in herbal medicine.