Kip may refer to any of the following: * Lao kip, the currency of Laos * Kip (unit), a unit of force or mass * Kip (Safety device), the stripe or color differential that marks a
1000 kip issued in 1996 1000 kip issued in 1996 ISO 4217 Code LAK User(s) Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic Inflation 8.
kip (“‘pack, bundle of hides’”) Alternative spellings * kipp, kippe, kyppe Noun Singular kip Plural kips kip (plural kips)
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Dictionary: kip1 (kĭp) pronunciation Home > Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary n., pl., kip. A basic unit of currency in Laos. kip2 (kĭp) pronunciation n.
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akin to Middle Low German kip bundle of hidesDate: circa 1525 : a bundle of undressed hides of young or small animals; also : one of the hides Bing Learn more about "kip" Learn more about "kip" and related topics
kip See Table at currency. - - kip 2 (kp)n.1. The untanned hide of a small or young animal, such as a calf.2. A set or bundle of such hides.
kip definition Hear it! = kip1 definition kip (kip) noun 1.